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Affordable concierge support for busy working parents 

cooking, cleaning, and laundry services...Pay as you go or monthly subscription...No commitment or hidden fees!

Menu For Delivery on Monday October 29th, 2018


Our Services


meal planning & cooking

A one stop shop food delivery service for families to get healthy and delicious meals every week, straight to your door. There is something for everyone in the family (even picky eaters). We even make special recipes you prefer!


LAUNDRY (coming soon)

Dirty clothes piling up, and keep appearing even as you're cleaning, drying and folding them? Save yourself 3 hours a week, do something fun with your children, or just cuddle...we got you!


HOUSE CLEANING (coming soon)

"I walked into my house and it was magic all the toys, legos, dirty dishes and dust just disappeared...the cleaning fairy must've came  by with her dusting feathers"