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Dugu means “village” in Bamanan, my native language from Mali. Our goal and is to provide a village of support to each of our clients, and thus we have become a one stop shop for all things cooking, cleaning and laundry for busy, overwhelmed and stressed parents.

I was inspired to start Dugu because I, myself, was looking for Dugu. With Abe (my husband) working 120 hour weeks, it required a tremendous amount of my limited time to find the type of reliable help I needed that would allow me to pursue my own career. In addition, it was challenging to find part-time help that allowed me the flexibility to be present for our three exuberant full of life children. Juggling career, family and an MBA program at Babson College requires a well coordinated support system and I couldn’t find one that is a la carte, affordable and reliable. This is how Dugu was born.

Dugu has grown since our founding in October 2017 from 1 person and 45 clients to a team of 7 amazing people and Our goal is to reach 700 clients in the next year, and to do that we need your support. Funds you loan to Dugu will help make sure we have enough money to support our operations (pay our bills and dedicated employees) before we break even and become profitable. It will also give us the freedom to continue to grow our business without wasting time chasing business investors who think being an entrepreneur means sacrificing your time with your children and people who don’t value our mission. It takes a strong and supportive village network to support a budding village, and you my friends and family, my biggest supporters are the village I need to rely on to make this possible.

Our terms are simple, we pay your money back within 3 years and you get 10% interest. When you invest, we send you a simple promissory note to sign. If investing isn't your cup of tea, you can buy 1 year subscription plans for cooking and cleaning services below if you live in the Boston area. Please support us!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please email me at or call me at 857-756-7651.

Invest in Dugu

$75,000 Goal

We're reached 33% of our goal, please help us get to 100%

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