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Because it takes a village…

Dugu is a one stop shop provider for families to get help when, where and with what they need! Although geared towards families, we are for all busy professionals who need a little help with everyday living.

Created in 2018, Dugu is your extended network and village in helping you manage your day to day hustle and juggle of work, household, children and other family members. We do everything for you from cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishwashing, and running errands. We do it in a flexible, individualized and customized way that revolves around you, and your unique needs.

There are no contracts, no long term commitments and no hidden fees.

As a young working family, we know and understand that most parents need help with their everyday lives but unfortunately cannot afford or commit to hiring the help they need. Our founder Salimata (Sali) Bangoura is a mother of 3 young children ranging between ages 1-6 years old, juggling parenthood, running a business while getting her MBA at the same time.

Sometimes, all we need is someone to bring us dinner, wash the sink full of dishes, vacuum, fold our already washed laundry, or simply clean the nasty bathtub. However, it shouldn’t cost a fortune to get help with the basic small needs that everyone has every day.

At Dugu, we don’t charge what we ourselves would never pay for someone to give us a little help. We accomplish this by tapping into all of the different resources available in each community, and partner with existing service providers to meet all of the unique needs of our families. We give busy professionals the ease of finding, scheduling and arranging the much needed help they need on a daily basis, but can rarely access and coordinate due to the time and commitment it requires. We provide customized, convenient, quality and affordable services on a regular or occasional basis. You tell us what you need, where and when you need it and we get it done. We are your personal household or family manager!